Inspired by this Good Cocktails recipe, these Hopkins-themed Jello shot recipes will get everyone buzzed (or wasted) and ready for homecoming in no time.Bring them to a pregame, down a few with friends, go crazy, get ready for the big game. Nov 21, 2020 - Explore Beth Thomas's board "Blue jello shots" on Pinterest. Fireball Apple Jello Shots. That’s 4 jello shots to equal 1 regular shot. Pour 1 cup of vodka into a bowl or container. 2. If you want them more palatable, substitute water for a bit of the alcohol. Pour the mixture into either shot glasses or paper cups. The Best Blue Jello Shots Recipes on Yummly | Red, White & Blue Jello Shots!, Red White & Blue Jello Shots, Pina Colada Rum Jello Shots Recipe- Easy Pina Colada Jello Shots When you make Jello Shots, you follow the recipe almost the same as it says on the box but with one adjustment. Pour into plastic jello shot cups or you can use a 9x13 pan if you don't have the cups. If you don’t know what Jello Shots are, they are gelatin shots, or drinks made with liquor replacing some of the water typically used. Slowly pour in contents of jello packages while stirring constantly. How To Make Jello Shots. Add cold water, Vodka and Blue Curacao, stir again and let it cool for a while before pouring into cups and putting them into fridge. Pina Colada: pineapple Jell-O, coconut vodka; Key Lime: lime Jell-O, cake vodka; Not sure what brand of vodka to buy at the liquor store? Stir in Blue Moon and vodka. They don’t take much more effort, just a little more hands on time because you will have to wait for the layers to set up before adding the next color. Microwave 2/3 cup water in a large heat proof measuring cup until boiling {about 3 minutes}. Updated July 5, 2020. Made with blue curaçao, white rum, pineapple juice and Berry Blue Jell-O, this vibrantly blue-hued jello shot is as boozy as it is tropical. Add 3/4 cup vodka and stir. envelope of strawberry jello; Clear distilled liquor (try flavored vodka, rum, or tequila) See more ideas about blue jello shots, blue jello, jello shots. By using flavored vodka instead of regular, you can create delicious flavors that actually make Jello Shots taste good! 3) Bloom unflavored gelatine in cold water, then 4) dissolve with hot water and 5) stir in condensed milk (and Vodka if using). Since the Fourth of July is just around the corner I made Red, White, and Blue Jello Shots this year. The 1 cup of some sort of spirits is the key. Pour over boiling water and whisk until Jell-o is completely dissolved, 2 minutes. Pour mixture into plastic shot cups and refrigerate until firm, 2 to 3 hours. Chill 4 hours or more until set. Here are the two flavor combinations we used for our Jolly Rancher Jello Shots: Blue Raspberry + UV Blue Vodka. Add in the remaining ingredients and stir well. ... 5.0 out of 5 stars Good for Jell-O shots. My Mini Adventurer. Add rum. Get the recipe here. Jun 19, 2019 - Explore Rebeca Mendez's board "Blue jello shots" on Pinterest. Red, White, and Blue Jello Shots. How to Make Vodka Jell-O Shots. Blue Layer 1 {3 oz} box Berry Blue Jell-O 2/3 cup water 2/3 cup Cruzan Vanilla Rum. Red, White & Blue Jell-O Shots- Memorial Day, 4th Of July & Labor Day! Pour red mixture over the refrigerated and set blue Jello mixture to fill the shot glasses the rest of the way. You can make a one layer jello shot or you can make a jaw dropper like these Red White and Blue shots. Ingredients. Number of Items: 3 Verified Purchase. Blue Curacao Jello Shot Recipe • Big pack of Lemon Jell-O • 1/4 cup of cold water • 1/2 cup cup of Vodka • 1/2 cup cup of Blue Curacao Dissolve Lemon Jell-O and stir well. 1 Jell-O … Used these to make vodka Jell-O shots and they came out perfectly The color of the glow depends on the color of the Jell-O. This Red White and Blue Jello Shot recipe is sure to be a hit at your 4th of July party. You may be tempted to use straight vodka, but don't! Sprinkle 1 envelope of unflavored gelatin over the vodka. The different flavor combinations of alcoholic beverages combined with the flavored gelatin are what makes the tasty Refrigerate for 60 minutes. Show off your skills with these jello shots … You’d need about 4 jello shots to equal 1 shot of booze. We rounded up a list of the best vodka brands for every occasion to help. Celebrate all summer long, whether it's a holiday, or just a summer barbecue! Patriotic Jello Shots Recipe. I had to make hundreds of Jell-O® shots for a wedding, so I decided to have fun with them and try out some new mixes. Let it stand for about 1 minute. However, you have to allow 6ish hours for them to set before drinking serving them. The F Feed. If you want a blue glow, then use blue gelatin, … Add gelatin packet, and stir until dissolved. This post may contain affiliate links. Pour blue … Mix the jello mix with the boiling water until powder is fully dissolved and then add the rest of the water and the alcohol. Just sat. Ingredients: 1 3 oz. Blue Lagoon Jello Shots . See more ideas about Blue jello shots, Blue jello, Jello shots. Jolly Rancher Jello Shots. Red, White, & Blue Layered Jell-O Shots Adapted from That’s So Michelle. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Top with Cool Whip for “foam” and garnish with a tiny orange … These Patriotic Jello Shots are the perfect layered Jello shots for any celebration. See more ideas about blue jello shots, blue jello, jello shots. Red, White & Blue Jello Shots. 6) Pour over blue layer and refrigerate until well set. and chill as per usual. Nov 10, 2020 - All of the best blue jello shots recipes perfect for a baby shower, 4th of july party or any other celebration. Just make sure you can make it to the lacrosse field on Saturday, April 9th at 2PM to watch … If you like Blue jello shots, you might love these ideas. Everyone will love this adult dessert that is absolutely stunning. Perfect for your 4th of July or Memorial Day backyard cookouts; just use Fireball for the alcohol in the recipe. Stir until completely mixed (about 2 minutes). This jello shot recipe uses 1/2 cup vodka for 12 shots = 1/3 ounce vodka per shot. Mix blue jello powder with 1.25 cups of hot water and stir until dissolved. Add the pineapple juice, rum and blue curaçao. Place a Maraschino cherry into each plastic shot glass. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours until Jello is completely set. How to Make the Perfect Jello Shots with Jello Shot Expert, Trish from -- This recipe will work with any flavor jello and be delicious! Combine the boiling water and the blue Jell-O, and stir until fully dissolved. Perfect for your Want to serve your Fireball jello shot in something other than a glass? Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2020. Garnish with a festive pick and enjoy! I have started adding fruit to my jello shots more and more because that is what my friends like … Add berry blue flavored Jello and pour in 1 cup of boiling water. 12. Miz .25 oz (1 packet) or unflavored gelatin with 3/4 cup hot water and stir until dissolved. Then, I thought about these radioactive Jell-O shots and thought, “I really need to dig that glass out of the donation bag.” So, I grabbed it and the Ouija board glass out to go into my prop pile again. The following recipe yields approximately 16 Jell-O shots. 13. In a large heatproof glass bowl or measuring cup, empty Jell-o powder. This Blue Hawaiian Jello Shots Recipe gives you colorful blue jello shots, made with Blue Curaçao liquor, Malibu Rum and lots of tropical flavor! Recipe can be halved or doubled. Pour blue jello into 2oz shot cups filling 1/3 of the way full. How much alcohol is in a jello shot? A boozy, summery jello shot recipes for adults! 12. Red, white, and blue layered Jello Shots will make your summer party. THE BEST JELLO SHOTS. 1. It is a 2 step jello shot recipe, but the layered colors are tasty and fun. Add 3/4 cup vodka and mix well. The truth is while you may get a big alcohol taste, there isn’t really that much in each shot. This was my margarita-flavored shot, a bit strong but good if you want variety with your selection. Layering the jello colors takes a bit more time. My Blue Lagoon Jello Shots have just 3 ingredients so they’re really easy to make. It tastes great with all flavors of vodka, all flavors of rum. Steps to make these jello shots: 1) Combine the blue jello, then 2) pour into shot glasses and refrigerate until well set. Get patriotic this July 4th with red, white & blue jello shots! Tropical Punch + Coconut Rum. Enjoy celebrating the 4th of July with these Red, White and Blue Jello Shots… The blue jell-o is the best jell-o, but I don’t need to tell you that. Mix thoroughly.
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