Yours looks lovely. Preserve the EXPENSIVE floor. ), so in theory tile sounded great, but I don’t want my poor husband walking around on hard, cold tile and having knee/back issues. Thanks! What do you recommend? Floor looks beautiful but after a few weeks I started developing squeaks at the seams. It is damaged and has voids where tiles are missing. Ripping out the tile is faster. BS. So disappointed that a big company like floor and decor. NuCore Flooring Review + 2 Year Update on Vinyl Floors in … So far, so good. I know their website has a “technical” section, so maybe the materials would be listed there? There was a “manufacturing error“ in ours that caused it to stain on its own after a few weeks and nucore refunded our money. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has used hardwood to transition to vinyl sheet or plank (hardwood look). NuCore Vinyl Plank Flooring Review Vinyl floors really have evolved since the horrid pieces of practical flooring that were common in homes a few decades ago. Our seams in high traffic areas are getting wider gaps. Anyway It looks better than when it went down. If the homeowner INSISTS then we point out the WAIVER that they have to sign. We are looking into Paradigm flooring and I stumbled upon your post. If you are shopping for new flooring, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is one of the hottest trends going right now. I too have moisture issues in our home and sorta freaking out. My supplier wasn’t sure but is supposed to find out for me…. We have a parrot and two budgies, and rolling the parrot’s big cage over laminate floors over the past years has taken a minor toll on them. Not sure, but I think the main concern there would be if you had direct light coming in. Glad I saw these reviews. Read through the comments here though because some people have had some issues with whatever kind they purchased. Cork backing rarely indicates "water proof" (as in can be flooded and will be fine). I would probably try to find something to put under the parrot cage wheels. Yes, I would say it does look a little more plastic. I live in Texas and homes on concrete slabs. I asked them if I can change it to Vinyl Planks instead. If so, how do you like it? We bought a box of the flooring we liked best so we could lay it out and see/feel it in the room. Home is for sale now and can’t believe the questions comments on this flooring by potential buyers, Folks love it! Slab was well cured and very level. Rehabbed the house after the floor was down. I have hand-scraped laminate in my bedrooms and I love it. The product is very soft and the boards are flexible so when you place furniture or anything on it of substantial weight you will end up with divits all over your floor. DuraLux Vinyl Plank Review - Waterproof & Reliable Flooring If I were you, I would find a few local flooring contractors to ask their opinions. It was very thick and super uneven. Also, the edges where the boards meet don’t look as realistic, which you can also see in one of the photos. Thanks again for the review. By subscribing you agree to receive a weekly email from this site and agree with this. I can say, I’m still really impressed with my flooring though. You get what you pay for. New flooring can add charm and value to your home. Just make sure you pick out a good one. Hard to imagine tearing all that out. I use a vacuum to sweep my floors, so it hasn’t been an issue so far. The issue with PVC and you can research why China got in trouble with the toys, etc…. Most people don’t notice anything is different unless they are sitting on the floor or touch it with their hands. I can only talk about what I have experience with. Pict, Has anyone installed luxury sheet vinyl (not planks). I have 1 correction. We have kids but I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m so impressed that you rebuilt a car! Our sample looks much lighter than your whole room pictures. So hard to find photos and reviews. From what I was told, underlayment also can only handle a certain amount of moisture. ... Cork Backed Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews … DANG IT **raised fist**. I think it helps that ours is a somewhat light color and looks rustic. According to the manufacturer, you should be okay with this flooring anyway though. The cork would be treated like a hardwood you don't like but can't afford to change out. Ripoff Report on: NuCore Flooring - Nucore flooring floor and decor defective vinyl plank company will not honor warrantee jacksonville florida From what I am reading, it says there are some that aren’t made that way. If so could you provide your thoughts, experiences, and pictures. What is your experience so far with those bevels? You have to be looking at it in the right lighting and angle. I meant Pthalate free not PVC free. Quick question. Never ever have I seen any like this product. We need to make a decision very quickly and Maverick is one of the two colors we’re trying to chose between. Get some samples and scratch them up a bit to see what happens. Please read and ask for the MSDS on these products from retailers.They are very toxic and you should avoid them. I know some vinyl has more tendency to scratch than others. The feature-rich TRAACS gives your travel business an edge over your competitors with its streamlined processes, accurate accounting, and interactive modules. The lighting here isn’t great today. Haha! The one I selected looks like tile, not one of the wood looks. I like tile with lifetime sealed grout. Grout lines must be FILLED and even with the tiles. I thought that too and then along came grandchildren:-) We are shopping for the vinyl planks now because we have grandchildren! Hopefully you get some answers. What I have found on the LVP seems to be from sites sponsored by Cali Bamboo. When I looked at all of our other lvp samples, this product felt the most realistic to me. I can only speak for the floor that we got, but we haven’t had a problem with dents or scratches. Definitely a design flaw. It was created to be super simple to install in nearly any room—even basements, sunrooms and heavily used bathrooms. Almost like a consumer reports for flooring. We have had other hardwoods and laminates that held up for years. Is there anyway you would be willing to send me some more pictures of your flooring?? Sorry it fails the basic criteria for "sound and well adhered". You have a damaged tile floor that is BEGGING to be removed. It’s been a year and a half. If I were you, I’d go talk to some local flooring retailers and see what they say. So sad. Should also note that when I went back to try to warranty it, it took forever to get responses and eventually we were told that scratches and dents were not part of the warranty. Maybe I can have nice wood floor when I’m 60. We are still loving our floor! Bonus. Hmmm… That’s a good question, and one that I don’t know the answer to. Pergo Extreme Review | 2020 Pros/Cons, Costs, Cleaning & Install - … Nucor Commercial Flooring. So you are good to go. Thanks. I appreciate it although it's not what I wanted to hear. This is just my experience with the flooring. Contacted Nucore and was told it was an installation error. I’m lad you found the review helpful. We saw the positive reviews and were horribly sorry for our choice. I had to do some part of this basement … I bought a 2400 square foot home and spent a lot of money replacing all of the flooring with cortec plus hd vinyl plank flooring. It’s the longboard style in the color Mavericks. Good luck with your decision! Too many problems long term. I would be interested in knowing if anyone has found a nonbiased resource that ranks these products across various categories. That does help! Thank you so much for this! Unbiased Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review - Cutesy Crafts Touch them, walk on them, and even scratch test them if it’s a sample you can keep. Love the look of LVT. DuraLux Performance luxury vinyl plank flooring was born in 2017. It feels the same anywhere that I walk. Or, since the vinyl is floating, if the dog urinates on the wall, will it seep down and around into the subfloor? I’m also missing the bevel that we have in our existing wood (that is trashed because of the afore mentioned dogs and kids). Laurie. So what is a good starting thickness and surface thickness? Yes, I’m still really happy with the flooring. That being said, I am doing my research if Vinyl Planks really is a good flooring. My contractor just said that it would. I was worried about that too. Turns out the yard has horrible drainage issues and becomes a lake every time it rains. What brand, and color did you choose? I like it and it's easy to clean. Thanks so much for your review Jessica! Also any off gassing or smell. I had this CRAPPY NUCORE product installed in my home and immediately after it was installed I had issues with it. So if you're not worried about trends, do consider it as it's easier on the wallet, feet, and joints, and handles moisture better than some other choices. 🙁 Thank you for sharing your experience though. Also, we just moved to a new house, and I’m choosing new floor. This is such a big decision that I know I’ll have live with for a long time, I don’t want to make a mistake and hate it…. Paradigm products are othro-phthalate free and made with 100% virgin vinyl. Occasion during I love not having transitions. Just make sure to paint it in different lighted areas to see if you like it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. DuraLux Vinyl Plank Reviews and Prices 2020 - Flooring Clarity You don’t want too much padding or it could cause problems. It seems as if there is a thin wax coating on it. I have asthma, have to be careful. The Nucore is quite cheap ($1.79/sf - $2.29/sf from some on-line sources) for a vinyl plank with cork backing. We just had some installed in a house we moved into. Your experience and informations shared here helped me to decide as I am really in dilemma to what flooring is the best and less maintenance. Instead of possibly paying more for LVP that stands up to moisture I’m willing to bet that an underlayment of thick plastic on a ground floor of concrete will get rid of any moisture problems. I would also be interested in learning about your moisture problem as we just purchased a home where we may have similar issues. Pay the extra money for a solid floor. The floor itself must be as flat as possible (that might mean that any unevenness must be SANDED DOWN). I purchased the grouted Nucore vinyl plank and the grout strip broke off so many of the planks...and I had it professionally installed. I also cannot afford to replace it. My brother in law was here today and hadn’t realized it was vinyl, so it looks great! But could you tell me about the moisture concerns and what to do about it. I may do the same and make a review as well to help people with their decisions. I’m going on sixty three, so major projects are too much for me anymore. I do not like wood look procelain tiles as it looks like wood but is cold like tile... there is a discrepancy between look and haptic.... Avoid Nucore if you can. I was going to put it in the laundry room but think that idea might be out the window. I do not have the money to replace it. Just some issues with the design on the top. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the high moisture levels in the concrete foundation, we finally found out what was causing them when we had our first rain of the season. They tell you you should have coasters under furniture, um no. They will try to rip you off. We are a national distributor of PGT EzeBreeze windows - you can check out tons of pictures on our Houzz page. Once it is gone you never have to deal with it again. Floor & Decor do not currently offer customers the option to review their products; however there are consumer reports on their social media pages, many of which point to very mixed experiences with NuCore. Make sure to read the installation instructions of your particular flooring to see if it is recommended and how thick of one you should choose. My builder is strongly encouraging not to use wood in the kitchen, but I don't want tile. Our contractor suggested LVP as a good and less expensive option. 90% of these products are also made in China. No, we haven’t had any issues with lifting or scratches at all. Thanks! I am a rebel and had real tile ripped out in two baths and replaced it with sheet vinyl instead. You need to see how bad of a problem you have before taking any action and what’s causing it. Which is the GOAL. Thanks for that information. Other than tile, it will probably be your best bet. I am going to document the install and performance of my new nucore flooring from floor and decor. The people that did the installation were all commenting on what a great product I had chosen, and they were excited to install it. In the end, I’m so glad we went with this flooring, and I hope this Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring review was helpful. BTW do you know if it can be installed on stairs? I'm doing a kitchen remodel and because many of the tiles have cracked (house shifted a little), and because I walked down walls, leaving bare spots, I want to get new flooring. Flooring contractors did not have nice things to say about it, but it was also from 16 years ago. Stay as far away from it as you can. This includes both old and new concrete floors. Cork flooring reviews – pros and cons, manufacturers, best products and more Acacia Wood Flooring Reviews, Brands and Pros vs Cons 16 Best Shark Vacuum – A Complete Guide and Comparison 2020 Hardwood flooring reviews – Brands and costs Bamboo flooring reviews – advantages and disadvantages. The peel and stick products will damage the finish on the cork even further. It looked awful within a week. Another huge “thank you”! It is supposed to be very comparable to Coretec’s HD Plus, but there aren’t many reviews. You can't float thin vinyl planks over anything that is not perfectly flat. I think we have narrowed it down to wood like tile from Dalltile or LVT. Was td about NuCore.... but I was skeptical. Who Says a Dining Room Has to Be a Dining Room? I think it’s the “wear layer.” I haven’t noticed any rub marks, although I have noticed a few scratches. Hand embroidery designs, craft ideas, and more! Did you seal the floor first? We like that look, and definitely want a high quality commercial level product. They don’t have contact information or list of retailers. I don't like seeing vinyl planks laid straight over tile. Anyway, thanks for your thoughtful writing about this! A lot of people turn their noses up at sheet vinyl, but some of them haven't seen the newer styles or luxury vinyl. Putting a chair on the floor causes dents. The one that I got is better quality than a lot of them that I looked at, so it’s not as bad as some. If you are curious to see how my floor is holding up, take a look at my updated Vinyl Plank Floor Review – Two Years Later. 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