Its blade is large enough to handle almost any thickness you need to cut through, within reason of course. You can place the blade on the other side to limit hand strain, or if you are better when working with your dominant hand, this feature gives you better control. 28mm Tungsten Tool Steel Rotary Blades, Pack of 500 (RB28-500, 9560) More than one of your quilting friends has experienced this issue! ROTARY CUTTERS & BLADES Cut multiple layers of material quickly and accurately. That is OLFA RTY-2/C rotary cutter which is a useful piece of machinery. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - No questions asked. 16 Reviews. Check carefully to see that you only installed one new blade – they come packaged in multiples sometimes and stick together so closely that you do not even notice that you have installed two blades until you get a shredded edge when you make that first cut. This particular mat is no longer manufactured and because I am looking to replace it I have narrowed my choices to the one below, even if it’s smaller than what I have now. ♦ Ultra-Sharp -- The blades are made of premium SKS-7 steel, sharp enough to cut off at least 15 layers of A4 paper or 5 layers of cotton fabrics at one time. You can see the nut, the body of it, the blade holder and the blade. Cuts up to 6 layers of fabric. These blades are used often in crafting (think decorative bunting banners, fabric bookmarks, etc.) Make Offer - 10 Pack 45mm Rotary Cutter Blades fits Olfa, Fiskars, Clover Japanese Steel Set of 2 Vintage OLFA Spare Blade RB-1 Rotary Cutter 45 mm NIP Crafts $10.99 Use a self-healing cutting mat to cut through layers of fabric without dulling the blade easily. Olfa Knives & Blades Toronto - Calgary - Vancouver We are your Canadian distributor of Olfa cutting products serving the Canadian and USA market for more than 20 years. Changing the blade is necessary sometimes, especially after several projects. From the Manufacturer. Olfa 60mm Rotary Blade 5pc. OLFA's largest rotary blade is … Price $27.58. For really thick fleece or lots of layers, you would want the Fiskars 60 mm rotary cutter. One of the best rotary cutting tools on the market is made by Fiskars. A pinking blade is also useful to cut along the perimeter of a project that will be handled a lot, such as an appliqué or hand quilting project. SHOP ONLINE Pricing and product availability online may differ from in-store selections. One part holds the blade and the other is to tighten it with the first part. Plus, there are 3 different OLFA handle designs which allows you to choose the right fit for your hand. A rotary cutter is a tool used by quilters and sewers to cut straight lines of fabric with a circular rotating blade attached to a handle. The blades come in a convenient plastic storage container that also can be used as a safe disposal case. The best way to cut fabric on a flat surface is by using a rotary cutting tool. Put the curved disk back, curved side down, and screw the bolt back in. A blade cover is also integrated into the Quick-Change Rotary Cutter for safety. To sharpen a rotary cutter blade at first you have to take the rotary cutter apart and expose the blade. The cutters in this buying guide feature either 45mm or 60mm rotary blades. With the safety shield in the covered position, twist the back nut to the left to loosen and remove. Rotary Cutter Blades 45mm 10 Pack by KISSWILL, Fits Fiskars, Olfa, Martelli, Dremel, Truecut, DAFA Rotary Cutter Replacement for Quilting Scrapbooking Sewing Arts&Crafts, Sharp and Durable 4.7 … Let’s break it down! Much like pinking shears, these pinking rotary cutter blades can be used to prevent fabric from fraying. This blade is made of high quality tungsten steel for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Another feature to consider when purchasing a rotary fabric cutter is what type of blade it has. 12 PCS Rotary Cutter Blades: You will get 12 rotary blades in each set, definitely enough for you to replace blades with your rotary cutter. The blades fit any OLFA 60mm rotary cutter. The little sharpening device has two parts. Circular rotary replacement blade for our popular 45mm rotary cutters used for quilting, sewing, and general crafts. How to Change a Rotary Blade . YUCK, YUCK, YUCK! Buy SOMOLUX 18mm Rotary Cutter Refill Blades 5 Pcs for OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter, Fiskars, Replace Blades for Crafts Quilting Scrapbooking Sewing 18mm 5Pcs: Rotary Cutter Blades - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Pick the blade carefully and put it on the holder It’s easy to carry and contain very sharp blade that helps you to cut your materials very smooth and easy. This works well when you do … We offer a complete line of Olfa knives, Olfa blades, Olfa cutting mats, Olfa safety knives, Olfa rotary cutters, Olfa specialty cutters to serve your needs. Learn to care, use and dispose the Olfa Rotary Blades with Ashley Briggs. 99 CDN$ 21.99 CDN$21.99. Check out the gunk that was tucked all around and under the safety shield. OLFA rotary cutters are known as one of the most popular among users. New Rotary Cutter Blade Installed and New Problems?. ♦ 12 PCS Rotary Cutter Blades -- You will get 12 rotary blades in each set, definitely enough for you to replace blades with your rotary cutter. Here are just a few reasons why The Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades are a better choice for all your crafting needs: Premium Steel – Each rotary blade is crafted with SKS-7 German steel, making it more durable, more precise, and rust and corrosion resistant to long-lasting use. Looking for OLFA 6 1/2 in Deluxe Rotary Cutter, Tungsten Carbide Tool Steel (2CJU7)? Add to list . Replace the 45mm button, putting the post through the new blade and cutter, and put your index finger back onto the button to hold it in place while you turn the cutter over one more time. Some also include replacement blades, which is a good feature to have, since the blades will eventually become dull. Choose handle and blade size by what feels comfortable and the materials to be cut. Its features allow for safe and accurate cutting of patterns along just about any lines, making your project easier. Slide the locking mechanism back to release the blade; slide it back to secure the blade. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating. 2. Another good model is good for your inventory. Pinking Blade. 45 mm Rotary Cutter Blade (Pack of 10) Fits Olfa Rotary Cutter, Fiskars Rotary Cutter,Turecut Rotary Cutter,Sewing Accessories,Quilting Ruler,Quilting Accessories 4.7 out of 5 stars 842 £9.99 This rotary cutter is designed so that the blade can be put on either side of the handle, letting you control it with both hands. ... Not sold in stores . You can find different sizes of rotary blades at JOANN that can be used for various fabric projects or paper crafts. 7 Reviews. Ultra-Sharp: The blades are made of premium SKS-7 steel, sharp enough to cut off at least 15 layers of A4 paper or 5 layers of cotton fabrics at one time. Add to registry 1131976 OLFA 28MM ROTARY CUTTER QUICK CHANGE. OLFA Rotary Cutters come in 4 diffferent sizes which gives you the flexibility to fit the right rotary cutter to the right project. The OLFA 28mm Quick-Change Rotary Cutter is perfect for small-scale projects, miniatures, and tight corners. Use this blade to cut fabric, paper, vinyl, tarp, upholstery, fleece, felt and more. sewing accessories and craft supplies. Our handle can use any standard 45mm Blade, including Olfa & Fiskars. Olfa® rotary cutters accommodate the right- and left-handed user with several choices of handles and sizes. Headley Tools 45mm rotary cutter---This rotary cutter is a wonderful tool, makes the chore of cutting faster and more exact, 45mm rotary cutter is the most sufficient size blades for nearly all projects, Ideal for quilting, knitting, scrapbooks, sewing, fabric cutting, Seamstress, Tailors, Arts, Crafts and more. We stand by our products. CDN$ 19.99 CDN$ 19. Our Rotary Cutter for Fabric already includes one TITANIUM blade AND we have thrown in another spare TITANIUM blade for FREE. 4.5 out of 5 stars 679. Grainger's got your back. If you feel that our product is not up to standard, please return for a full refund. The Olfa Endurance Rotary Blade cuts twice as long as their standard rotary blades The expertly-honed tungsten tool steel blade with proprietary metal chemistry is designed to cut twice as long to extend time between blade changes, saving you time and money! 81.33% of users selected OLFA RTY-3/G 60mm, 9.33% selected OLFA Rotary Cutter RTY, 1.33% selected Contour Rotary Cutter, 4% selected Premier Blades 45mm and 4% selected Orchidtek Rotary Cutter. It’s great for sewing and art crafting. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. This smaller cutter features the Quick-Change Blade system for simple blade changes. 45mm TITANIUM Rotary Cutter with FREE SPARE BLADE - Lasts 3x LONGER than steel Blades - Very Long lasting. It can cut through multiple layers of fabrics at a single swipe which enables a quilter very fast and easy cutting of hundreds … 3. Gently dissemble all pieces and carefully set them down in a safe and out of harms way place. Olfa Endurance Replacement Blades are available in 45mm and 60mm sizes. Fits most Rotary cutter handles - brands such as Driffy, Fiskars rotary cutter blades, Olfa namely olfa rotary cutter blades 45mm, Truecut, Clover and Dafa handles. Check out this video from Olfa on how to change the blade on your rotary cutter tool! The cutter has a safety button so as to lock the blade and ensure safe cutting. Get it by Thursday, Jul 23. For a little thinner materials, the Olfa 45 mm rotary cutter is the best. 45mm Rotary Cutter Blades Set, Fits Fiskars, Olfa, Truecut, Martelli & More, AGPtEK Rotary Replacement Blades, Pack of 12, Perfect for Quilting Scrapbooking Sewing Arts Crafts. The Quick-Change Rotary Cutter is pre-loaded with an OLFA RB45 Tungsten Steel Rotary Blade. Delivering unparalleled sharpness with superior edge retention, this blade cuts up to eight layers of cotton fabric. This one will fit all Olfa 45mm Rotary Cutters. It’s great for sewing and art crafting.
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