Publication: May 30, 2021. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of North Texas, USA. Special issue call: "Fine-Grained Visual Recognition and re-IDentification". Correspondence. RAS is a volunteer driven society with over 13,000 members worldwide. Special Issue on Deep Learning Methods for Physical-Layer Wireless Communications- Recent Advances and Future Trends (submission due: February 29, 2020) Overview Deep Learning (DL) and deep reinforcement learning (DRL) methods, well known from computer science (CS) disciplines, are beginning to emerge in wireless communications. A look inside IEEE RAM Special Issue on Deep learning and Machine Learning- June 2020, Applications for Robot Learning and Adaptive Control, Outperforming Sampling by Learning Differentiable Models, Application to Neurological Rehabilitation Systems, A Study on Humanoid and Human Balance Control, Improving System Throughput Using OpenCV and CUDA, Resources for Workshop and Tutorial Organizers, Guidelines for Workshop and Tutorial Organizers, Conference Publications Committee (CAB-P), Conference Technical Programs Committee (CAB-T), Educational Material in Robotics and Automation, Movement Primitive Learning and Generalization: Using Mixture Density Networks, Interactive Learning of Temporal Features for Control: Shaping Policies and State Representations From Human Feedback. Algorithm 2020 Special Issue on Algorithms for complex network and its applications DLRS 2021 Call for Papers: Topical Issue on Deep Learning for Recommender Systems JBHI-ECDL 2021 IEEE Journal on Biomedical and Health Informatics Special Issue on Emerging Challenges for Deep Learning IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems publishes special issues on emerging topics guest edited by distinguished researchers in neural networks and learning systems. Call for Papers – Special Issue on Deep Learning for Environmental Applications of Remote Sensing Data Submission deadline extended to: 1 November 2020 Inspired by the great potential of human brains for object recognition, Deep Learning (DL) has drawn attention within the remote sensing community over the past few years. Students are future of robotics and automation. Submission Deadline: November 30, 2020. Imaging] Special Issue Deep Learning for Visual Contents Processing and Analysis MLDM 2021 17th International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining SCOPUS-CMVIT 2021 5th International Conference on Machine Vision and … Per TC policies, only full-length papers (12+ pages) can be submitted to special issues, and each author’s bio should not exceed 150 words. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the IEEE Terms and Conditions. Biomedical Imaging and Analysis in the Age of Big Data and Deep Learning. Thanks to the development of life-science technologies, a huge amount of data is being produced relative to DNA and RNA sequences in abundance at the individual subject or even individual cell level. 2020 Synchronization of coupled memristive inertial delayed neural networks with impulse and intermittent control Authors. Prof. Dr. Yudong Zhang ... J. Department of Computing and Mathematics, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK. CLOSED Call for Papers: Special Issue on Deep Learning for Genomics TCBB seeks submissions for an upcoming special issue. Therefore, the goal of this special issue is to collect and publish the latest developments in various aspects of deep learning with small samples. State-of-the-art applications based on deep generative adversarial networks are also very welcome. The main goal of this pioneer special issue is to gather articles that would give the reader a global vision, insight and understanding of deep learning limits, challenges and impact. Special issue on 5G & B5G enabling edge computing, big data and deep learning technologies. Submission: April 30, 2020. Submission deadline January 15, 2021. Please note the following important dates: • Open for Submission: November 1, 2020 Multifidelity Reinforcement Learning With Gaussian Processes: A Deep Predictive Coding Network-Based Approach for Autonomous, Deep Learning-Based Localization and Perception Systems: Approaches for Autonomous Cargo Transportation Vehicles in Large-Scale, Semiclosed Environments, Implementing Higher Autonomy With Swarm Intelligence. Corresponding Author. Guest Editors: Alireza Jolfaei, Neeraj Kumar, Min Chen, and Krishna Kant. Deep learning allows computational models that are composed of multiple processing layers to learn representations of data with multiple levels of abstraction. Call for papers. DELVIC 2020 [J. The purpose of this Special Issue “Deep Learning on Medical Image Analysis” is to present and highlight novel algorithms, architectures, techniques, and applications of deep learning for medical image analysis. Latest articles. To decline or learn more, visit our Cookies page. IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, IEEE International conference on Robotics and Automation. Deep learning and Machine Learning have gone through a massive growth in the past several years. In recent years Deep Learnings and … Call for papers. Papers that are not published in this special issue will be considered for a regular issue of TC. Upcoming Special Issues Special Issue on Sustainable Solutions for the Internet of Things Submission Deadline: April 15, 2021 Guest Editors: Pietro Manzoni, Ruidong Li, Silvia Figueria, Marco Zennaro Special Issue on Graph-powered Machine Learning for Internet of Things Submission Deadline: April 1, 2021 Guest Editors: Zhipeng Cai, Suparna De, Michal Kedziora, Chaokun Wang Special Issue […] The special issue has received 19 papers, of which 8 paper were selected for publication after a strict peer review. Volume 108, Issue 1 | January 2020. Cookies are used by this site. Deep Learning has received a lot of attention in the past two decades. Traditionally, devices used in medical industry predominantly rely on medical images and sensor data; this medical data is processed to study the patient’s health condition and information. Special Issue on Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques for Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Applications. Deep Learning Models for Safe and Secure Intelligent Transportation Systems. Submission: May 30, 2020. Details of these selected papers are as follows. Call for Papers: Special Issue on Deep Learning for Video Analysis and Compression Guest editors: Dong Xu, Rama Chellappa, Luc Van Gool, Guo Lu Submission deadline: 15 December 2020 Guest Editors; Special Issue Papers; Scanning Our Past: The Earliest Years of Three-Phase Power—1891–1893 These methods have dramatically improved the state-of-the-art in speech recognition, visual object recognition, object detection and many other domains such as drug discovery and genomics. Therefore, the purpose of this Special Issue is to broadly engage the communities of DL and IP together in order to provide a forum for the researchers and practitioners related to this rapidly developing field and share their novel and original research regarding the topic of Deep Learning … A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Manuscript Due: July 1, 2020 Publication Date: February 2021 CFP Document Submit Manuscript IEEE JSTSP Special Issue on Deep Learning for Image/Video Restoration and Compression | IEEE Signal Processing Society • Neural MT. Careers - Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy. CiteScore: 10.0 ℹ CiteScore: 2019: 10.0 CiteScore measures the average citations received per peer-reviewed document published in this title. The increasing scale of data, computational power, and associated algorithmic innovations are the main drivers for the progress we see in the field of machine learning (ML) and deep learning … Submission deadline. This special issue contains high quality submissions on the following topics categories: • Using deep learning in statistical MT. Deep Learning Algorithms for Internet of Medical Things . Google Scholar:, Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. This Special Issue on Effective and Efficient Deep Learning based Solutions seeks for publications presenting new and extended applications of Deep Learning with a special focus on effectiveness and efficiency. We are pleased to offer you the June 2020 special issue on Deep learning and machine learning of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine! Sang‐Chul Kim. Final revision deadline: November 30th, 2020. Special Issue: Special Issue on Convergence of Deep Machine Learning and Parallel Computing Environment for Bio‐Engineering Applications (DLPPBioeng2018) and Special Issue on Emerging Challenges and Frontiers in Cloud Computing (ECFC 2016) Submission deadline January 1, 2021. Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP). The focus of this virtual special Issue is to carry out the research article which could be more focused on to the techniques based on Deep learning and Computational Machine Learning, to solve problems in biomedical engineering. Guest Editors: Xiaolei Ma, Xiaoyue Liu and Xiaobo Qu. Special Issue on Deep Learning for Music and Audio (pp.913-1107) February 2020, issue 3 Special Issue on Real-Time Intelligent Image Processing in Internet of Things Special Issue on Deep Learning Methods for Physical-Layer Wireless Communications- Recent Advances and Future Trends (submission due: February 29, 2020), Download the ‘Understanding the Publishing Process’ PDF,, Check the status of your submitted manuscript in the. Special Issue on Deep Learning and Machine Learning in Robotics Call for Papers. Issue 23, December 2020 Special Issue on Emerging applications of Deep Learning and Spiking ANN (pp.17119/17378) View all volumes and issues. December 1, 2020. Director, Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems Lab, University of North Texas, USA, Website:, Institute of Informatics and Computing Energy, Google Scholar: Manuscript Due: July 1, 2020 ... IEEE JSTSP Special Issue on Domain Enriched Learning for Medical Imaging. Wei Zhang; 05 Sep. JSTSP_SI_pg.jpg. Here is some information about how a special issue is organized. Multifingered Grasp Planning via Inference in Deep Neural Networks: Optimal Deep Learning for Robot Touch: Training Accurate Pose Models of 3D Surfaces and Edges. March 2020, issue 6. Machine Learning for Active Gravity Compensation in Robotics: Decoding Motor Skills of Artificial Intelligence and Human Policies: Toward Verification of Neural Networks for Safe Autonomous Operations. A look inside IEEE RAM Special Issue on Deep learning and Machine Learning- June 2020 . The special issue will feature a collection of high quality theoretical articles for improving the learning process and the generalization of generative neural networks. Publication: April 2021. Issam El Naqa, Shiva Das, The role of machine and deep learning in modern medical physics, Medical Physics, 10.1002/mp.14088, 47, 5, (e125-e126), (2020).; Department of Computer Science, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea. [Call for Papers] IEEE TNNLS Special Issue on "Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection," Guest Editors: Guansong Pang, University of Adelaide, Australia, Charu Aggarwal, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, United States, Chunhua Shen, University of Adelaide, Australia, Nicu Sebe, University of Trento, Italy. Special Issue on SOCO 2017: AI and ML applied to Health Sciences (MLHS) (pp.1217-1304 ) February 2020, issue 4. We are pleased to offer you the June 2020 special issue on Deep learning and machine learning of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine! CiteScore values are based on citation counts in a range of four years (e.g. However, many challenging topics remain with small-sample deep leaning techniques, such as data augmentation, feature learning, prior construction, meta-learning, fine tuning, etc. Submission Deadline: 30 April 2020 IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Deep Learning Algorithms for Internet of Medical Things.. Manuscript Due: December 31, 2020 Publication Date: August 2021 CFP Document. Special Issue on Deep Learning for Precise and Efficient Object Detection Object detection is one of the most challenging and important tasks of computer vision and is widely used in applications such as autonomous vehicle, biometrics, video surveillance, and human-machine interactions. Therefore, this special issue is important to provide a platform to present various advancements in NLP using deep learning. Special Issue Deadlines; ... IEEE JSTSP Special Issue on Deep Learning for Image/Video Restoration and Compression. © Copyright 2020 IEEE - All rights reserved. JBHI-ECDL 2021 IEEE Journal on Biomedical and Health Informatics Special Issue on Emerging Challenges for Deep Learning : ACM--ICDLT--Ei, Scopus 2021 ACM--2021 5th International Conference on Deep Learning Technologies (ICDLT 2021)--Ei Compendex, Scopus : MMDLCA 2020 International Workshop on Multi-Modal Deep Learning: Challenges and Applications 2020 Special Issue on Deep Learning-based Neural Information Processing for Big Data Analytics (pp.1513/1775) March 2020, issue 5. Special Issue on Deep Learning for Emerging Embedded Real-Time Image and Video Processing Systems Guest Editors: Gwanggil Jeon, Ernesto Damiani, Marcelo Keese Albertini, Abdellah Chehri Deadline for submission: 1 st January 2021. Special issue call: "Explainable Deep Learning for Medical Image Computing (XDLMIC)".
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