As with any vintage instrument, establishing the value of an old Autoharp can be difficult, but newer models are fairly easy to price. Oscar Schmidt was born in Germany in 1857 and came to the US at an early age. Autoharp Conversion Kit, 21-Bar with Standard Chord Bars. The volume and tone control unit attaches to the side of chord bar cover 21 bar. Antique Oscar Schmidt 36 String Autoharp USA With Case Vintage Rare . do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers vs. Chromaharp. $139.00 + shipping . Filters. Standard light gauge acoustic guitar set? Autoharp Strings. SKU: ACOS-HS. Oscar Schmidt registered the trademark Autoharp in 1926, even though he didn't invent the term, and autoharp-like instruments had been produced for over three decades before he got into the business. vs. Chromaharp | Differences Between the Autoharps, Sale Price To see how cookies are used, please review our cookie notice. Schreiber Chromaharp Caroler String Set. Their model A strings are for autoharps built before 1967. 3.5 of 5 stars. Sealed in plastic wrap to keep in optimal shape. The expectation was that you would lay the thing in front of you, push the buttons with your left hand, and strum or pick over the paper with the note names with your right. B style strings with ball endings. Martin Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, Cleartone Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, Curt Mangan Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, D'Addario Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, Dean Markley Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, DR Strings Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, Ernie Ball Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, John Pearse® Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, La Bella Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, Newtone Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, Pyramid Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, RotoSound Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, S I T Strings Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, Thomastik-Infeld Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, Black Diamond Electric Bass Guitar Strings, Dean Markley Electric Bass Guitar Strings, John Pearse® Electric Bass Guitar Strings, S I T Strings Electric Bass Guitar Strings, Thomastik-Infeld Electric Bass Guitar Strings, Dunlop Flatwound Electric Bass Guitar Strings, Jimi Hendrix Foundation “Music For Life “ Strings by Black Diamond, C.F. There isn't a case. The OS21CE is Oscar Schmidt most popular autoharp, with a rock Maple pin block to assure you will always be in tune. These are used on Autoharps with the bridge that is set in the body and Autoharps with Fine Tuning Systems. C $174.35. Free shipping . String anchor has been secured so it won't slip out as vintage harps commonly do. Martin Authentic Acoustic Phosphor Bronze, C.F. Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Strings (1 Items) Sort By. It has a 1/8 output jack. Top Rated Seller Top … Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Strings. It features a series of chord bars attached to dampers, which, when pressed, mute all of the strings other than those that form the desired chord. There are 2 different types of Autoharp strings. 12 watchers. Oscar Schmidt AC449 Autoharp Case. Brands. (See Guitaro's US Patent #3,237,503, filed with the USPTO on June 17, 1963 and issued March 1, 1966.) Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Strings- Type B (post-1968) Normal Price $112.16 Sale Price $70.99. Free shipping . Pre-Owned. Martin Authentic Acoustic Treated 80/20 Bronze, C.F. To figure the potential price range for your autoharp, you need to figure out what kind and condition of autoharp you have and then determine what similar autoharps are going for used. Great musicians including Dolly Paton and Bob Dylan play this autoharp. Brian Bower layout. It is manufactured by OSCAR SCHMIDT, 36 string does have one little spot where someone bum bed. The Oscar Schmidt Company has been a leading manufacturer of autoharps and other stringed instruments since 1871. Copyright © 1997 – 2019, Inc. Accessories | Best Sellers $150 cash only sale in local public area. Oscar Schmidt (1) Oscar Schmidt Brand,Price,Category View Results. Review OSCAR SCHMIDT Autoharp 36 String 6343. Here’s the “standard for learning autoharp”, according to the manufacturer itself. Quality strings for a great price. $145. Replacement strings have loop endings. Sorry no PO boxes fed ex wont deliver. Strings for Autoharps made Post-1968. It's a great instrument for everything from personal enjoyment to large public performances. | 21 Chord | Electric | Minor wear on the case consistent with age. Price: $119.90. Individual strings for model B autoharps. 36 strings are original and will need to be replaced. Oscar Schmidt Autoharp B Model Oscar Schmidt Set (Ball End), ASB. share ' Share Review by Lou B. on 8 Apr 2017 facebook facebook Share Review by Lou B. on 8 Apr 2017 twitter twitter Share Review by Lou B. on 8 Apr 2017 LinkedIn linkedin Share Review by Lou B. on 8 Apr 2017. ball ending with a small hole in the ball. Standard light gauge electric guitar set? Something you should know at the outset: designs of the first generation autoharps stayed virtually static from 1900 to 1968. FREE Delivery on orders over £10 for books or over £20 for other categories shipped by Amazon. If you are uncertain of the process please refer to a trained professional. Oscar Schmidt Autoharp String Set. This string set fits 12 or 15 bar autoharps. These are good strings and they all fit where they belonged. Optimized with added Bm F# and E chords. C $164.54. Chord cover for 21 chord autoharp: SAC: String anchor cover: SA: String anchor: EPC-A: End … He engaged in the publishing business in 1882, and continued therein until 1896, when he was involved in selling musical instruments in a small shop in the two-storey repair establishment of the North Hudson Street Railway Company on Palisade Avenue New Jersey. Steinberger Double Ball Bass Guitar Strings, D'Addario/Planet Waves O-Port Black Large (fits 3.875" - 4"), PW-OPBKL, D'Addario/Planet Waves O-Port Black Small (fits 3.375" - 3.5"), PW-OPBKS, D'Addario/Planet Waves O-Port White Large (fits 3.875" - 4"), PW-OPWHL, D'Addario/Planet Waves O-Port White Small (fits 3.375" - 3.5"), PW-OPWHS, D'Addario/Planet Waves Screeching Halt, PW-SH-01, Strings and Accessories Listed by Manufacturer, Oscar Schmidt Autoharp A Model Oscar Schmidt Set (Eyelet End), ASA, Oscar Schmidt Autoharp B Model Oscar Schmidt Set (Ball End), ASB, Dean Markley Seven (7) String Guitar Strings, DR Strings Seven (7) String Guitar Strings, Elixir Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Strings, La Bella 7, 8 and 9 String Guitar Strings, Newtone Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Strings, Pyramid Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Sets, RotoSound Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Strings, S I T Strings 7 and 8 String Guitar Strings, Black Diamond Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, C.F. The Oscar Schmidt musical instrument company has been producing Autoharps for more than 100 years. Standard medium gauge electric bass guitar set? SKU: SCHR1C. Type B model strings are the most common. SKU: CONVKIT-21. (Jersey City of To-Day, 1910) During this time, he was buying guitar zithers from inventor and manufacturer, W.F. Deals. 1-16 of 225 results for "autoharp strings" Skip to main search results Eligible for free delivery. They have a Their strings are widely used by professional players and casual enthusiasts. (Frederick) Menzenhauer, who had a factory in Ferr… The traditional Leader in folk music since 1871 presents its complete line of acoustic and acoustic/electric instruments. Price: $119.90. Autoharp strings can lose tension or break. The autoharp has been embraced by performers such as June Carter Cash, John Sebastian, and Bryan Bowers, among others. Strings are individually wrapped and labeled for your convenience. With a few relatively bizarre exceptions, designs of the second-generation instruments have stayed pretty static sin… VINTAGE AUTOHARP TABLE TOP BY OSCAR SCHMIDT 15 BUTTON 36 STRING SN. The shipping price listed is for lower 48 us. There is substantial room between the chord bars and the mounting pins for you to pick or strum. See also Oscar Schmidt Single Autoharp Strings. Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Strings- Type B. Strings for all autoharp models. $260. Made for models post-1968 with ball ending. Add to my order. Standard medium gauge acoustic guitar set? Made for models post-1968 with ball ending. These strings have a loop ending that slips over pins in the side of the Autoharp down by the bridge. Oscar Schmidt Autoharp String Set. | Save This Page, Autoharp History | Bluegrass Music: A History | Autoharp Clear All Oscar Schmidt. Quick Links. Fortunately, that's not hard, and this article gives you the basic tools and examples you need. $128.18. Converted to 21 21 chord. Although the word autoharp was once a trademark of the Oscar Schmidt company, the term has colloquially come to be used for any hand-held, chorded zither, regardless of manufacturer. How To | Email Us | User Agreement | SiteMap Oscar Schmidt Appalachian Electric Autoharp - 21 Chord/36 String Tuned and ready to play Comes from smoke-free, pet-free home Includes hard case, picks, replacement strings, felt strip, two tuning wrenches & two books Cash only - thanks for looking! $125.10. OSC_ASA. OSCAR SCHMIDT 21 string autoharp pickup model AP442 the AP442 pickup mounts under strings, under the chord bar holder. Not sure what string type fits your model? Autoharps Home | 15 Chord Filters. 15% Off $99+ w/code. The shipping company will call you to schedule your delivery date and time. Vintage Oscar Schmidt Autoharp, Case & Tuning Tool. I think this is a model 6343 autoharp. Other than that it is in very nice shape and sounds good. These quality strings will give you the sound and response you deserve. $399. Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Case. First of all, have you considered playing your autoharp laying on a table or in your lap, the way they used to be played? Free UK Delivery by Amazon. Comes with a rather warn chipboard case. SHIPPING QUOTE. Show all products. Oscar Schmidt OS45CE (2015) SKU: 165U-203787. We offer their full line of single autoharp strings for your convenience. Over 40 years later, we’ve grown into one of the world’s most respected sellers of new, used, and vintage fretted instruments.Learn more There were also small competitors with just as much right to the name, like the Williams & Sons company in Toronto, Canada. The Oscar Schmidt 21-chord autoharp is an instrument for people who love and appreciate fine music. Please see pictures. Vintage 1960s Oscar Schmidt Appalachian Autoharp for sale. Autoharp A-Model String Set, for OS73 Models. Contact Us d'Aigle Autoharps 19106 Des Memorial Dr. S. Seatac, WA 98148 Local: (206) 439-3549 PRICE MATCH. This is demonstrated on an Oscar Schmidt Educator Series autoharp, but can be used for any type B autoharp. 04/08/17. $129. AS-IS. OSC_ASB. New 73 models come with strings with a large-hole ball ending. A Guitaro is an autoharp constructed to be held like a guitar.. Oscar Schmidt-International, Inc. manufactured the Guitaro in the mid-1960s through the early 70s to take advantage of the guitar's popularity in the folk music revival of that era. The Oscar Schmidt Co. has manufactured autoharps since the early 1900s, and we offer 36-string Oscar Schmidt autoharp string sets in loop end or ball end. $199.99. Pre-Owned. There are 36 strings on an Autoharp. | Factory Visit $5.99, Autoharp Oscar Schmidt Autoharp A Model Oscar Schmidt Set (Eyelet End), ASA. or Best Offer. SKU: OS21C. OSCAR SCHMIDT 36 STRING 21 CHORD APPALACHIAN ACOUSTIC AUTOHARP USA MADE W/Case Please email reply if … models and older models that were made pre 1967. Excellent condition and includes original hard case as well as manual. Martin Authentic Acoustic Treated Phosphor Bronze. Standard light gauge electric bass guitar set? D S 6 G p o n s o r e d I R S 2 7 S 5. This site uses cookies. This oversized item has special shipping requirements. ... Oscar Schmidt AC445 Autoharp Carry Bag. Oscar Schmidt OS45C (acoustic) – (Amazon/Thomann) Oscar Schmidt OS45CE (electric) – Up next… Oscar Schmidt The Berkshire. This guide will demonstrate the steps for replacing a missing or broken string for a type B autoharp. Founded in 1972, Elderly Instruments started as a small store with a handful of instruments. Standard extra light gauge electric guitar set? From United States. $110. The pins are covered with a plastic cover to prevent them from snagging on clothing. You indicate your consent to this use by clicking "I Agree" or by continuing to use this site. That's a lotta strings baby and do NOT go into an Autoharp string change without a change of clean underwear. Individual Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Strings-Type B Individual strings for model B autoharps. Oscar Schmidt OS21C Autoharp. If you look at the most popular older Oscar Schmidt autoharps, frequently called \"Model 73,\" you'll see that there is a lot of room between the chord bars and the bridge. Being a 15 chord autoharp, it is considered easier to learn, because of these 2 reasons: It has less chords to play with American made 21 chord B model Oscar Schmidt model 12BH/R, built in circa 1980. Vintage Oscar Schmidt Autoharp 36 String manual and case with tuning wrench . Martin Authentic Acoustic 80/20 Bronze, C.F. Type A model strings are used on 73 On Oscar Schmidt Autoharp strings AS-B Model B Ball End, Full Set . Vintage Autoharp Oscar Schmidt 15 chord 36 String With Case And Paperwork. | Customer Satisfaction Sealed in plastic wrap to keep in optimal shape.
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