Fast forward a whole 12 months… we find ourselves staring at you whilst you sleep, counting our blessings to have a happy, smiley, healthy, content and ever curious 21 week old little […] anul trecut pe vremea asta (at the time) when snow thaws/ melts. Given how this year has been, I am thankful that I could travel in 2019. 46 synonyms of last from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 93 related words, definitions, and antonyms. I see myself everywhere, hear myself everywhere, feels great! This was the year I understood what standing firm in God’s truth really means. this time last year. se închide! I miss travelling. This was the year I met the man I have been waiting for…for a really long time! These days, that seemed like any other normal days, will now always have a specific significance to me as the time I was still blissfully ignorant that this awful disease was lurking inside me. Synonyms for last time include previously, earlier, before, beforehand, formerly, already, once, heretofore, hitherto and afore. Find more similar words at! acum un an pe vremea asta: this time last year. Synonyms for years include senility, agedness, dotage, senescence, elderliness, oldness, caducity, generation, lifespan and lifetime. pe la ceasul acela (at) another time; (at) some other time. Another word for once a year. I am not saying this because we have all been cooped up at home in 2020. This time last year, the two lines on four pregnancy tests confirmed that my significant other and I were expecting our first child. When it is used with a time period (this afternoon, last year) then we can see from the sentence whether it is referring to an unspecified time in the future or past. Find another word for last. Some time. This time last year was challenging and long. This time last year. când doriţi (Closing) time gentlemen (please)! This was the year I cried more tears than usual but also laughed more joyfully than usual. Last: following all others of the same kind in order or time. Fast forward few months later, those songs came together to become an EP titled ‘Get Layd’ and that shit changed my life!!! That was a quick little poem I came up with the other day as I realized the difference between the summer vacation last year and the summer vacation this year. This time last year I was holed up in my tiny room singing my guts out, not knowing if people would ever hear or even appreciate these songs. Find more ways to say once a year, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Now let’s look at “some time” (two words). cu altă ocazie (at) any time (you like). This means “a period of time”: Every evening I spend some time relaxing in the bath. November 16, 2020 November 16, 2020 Caroline Kaunds. This was the year I learned what a step of faith looks like, personally. But this time this year, I finally feel like I belong. la dezgheţul zăpezii (at) about that time. I reminded of it, as last year in November I was given an opportunity to travel for work to Europe. This weekend last year kicked off the series of events that would forever change my life…our lives.
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